Resources for Teachers and Parents

Resource Guide for White Teachers and Parents Developing Consciousness and Moving into Action – Saxman

I am often asked for resources for White parents and teachers. I developed this document to be an evolving source. Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions for resources.

Interrupting White Nationalist Recruitment – Saxman & Tochluk

What do parents and teachers need to know? This frequently updated resource shares many resources on what we need to know about white nationalists.

5 responses to “Resources for Teachers and Parents”

  1. Hi,
    My name is Greg Keefe and i could use your help for a college project at Seattle Central College.
    I’m drafting a mock curriculum and would like to have you as a panelist for one of our mock group sessions. This is all on paper only and would never actually require your time. I just want consent to use your name in my project. The curriculum is for an 8 week psychoeducational group devoted to dismantling white privilege.


    • Hello, I am ok and approve you using my name. I appreciate your asking. My two requests: can you be sure to include women of color on your panel and can you share your mock curriculum with me? I wouldn’t share it. I’d just love to see what you’re working on. Be well, Christine


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