Join BeingWhiteToday @ #WPC24, April 12-16 in Mesa, AZ!

Being White Today is humbled to be included among an amazing array of institutes to kick off #WPC24 in Mesa, AZ.

Overcoming (In)Security in Our White Community

White people often find themselves overly insecure, overly secure, or somewhere in between as we fight racism and white supremacy. Amidst the fallout of the January 6 insurrection and the waning momentum of White people’s involvement in the racial reckoning of 2020, our White community needs additional strategies to build a community of fortified antiracists.

This institute, grounded in the forthcoming book, Being White Today: A Roadmap for a Positive Antiracist Life by Shelly Tochluk and Christine Saxman, offers a way forward to temper our (in)security. Using the White racial identity framework of Dr. Janet Helms, participants will explore scenarios that reveal how far-right recruiting can seduce White people at each position in their racial identity. Discussion of each scenario will provide helpful strategies to counteract the far-right messaging. Additionally, participants will learn how to most effectively employ antiracist messaging within each point of White racial identity development. This institute is in service of creating a larger, healthy collective of White people working in accountability to and solidarity with People of Color.

The 24th Annual #WPC will be held in #MesaAz April 12-15, 2023.

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I’ll also be co-facilitating with Ismalis Nuñez of Anew Collective Consulting.

(In)Security in Interracial Relationships

The facilitators, a Black Latina and a White woman, will share their own experience overcoming insecurity to build a just interracial relationship. Participants, in all of their identities, will have the opportunity to consider racial identity development, culture differences, and practices for healthy interracial work. We’ll examine the role race and racism play in trust, language, and a shared sense of struggle in sustaining transformative interracial partnerships.

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