Being White Today @ NCORE!

Being White Today will at NCORE, the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education.

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May 30 – June 3, 2023.

New Orleans, LA.

Disentangling Far-Right and Antiracist Messaging on Campus Through Positive Racial Identity
It’s a beautiful day on campus. Yet, anxiety levels rise as White far-right groups “fight for free speech” and antiracists organize against them. Tension and conflicts erupt. Amidst the turmoil, some White students are drawn to the far-right messaging while others tune out the antiracist efforts.
Many college and university administrations, faculty, staff and students experience some or all facets of this dynamic on campus. All constituencies need additional strategies and skills to disrupt far-right recruiting and build a larger collective of White antiracists.

This workshop, designed for people who identify as White, uses the White racial identity framework of Dr. Janet Helms and the upcoming book, Being
White Today: A Roadmap for a Positive Antiracist Life
by Shelly Tochluk and Christine Saxman, to offer a way forward.

Participants will explore scenarios that reveal how far-right recruiting can seduce White people at each position in their racial identity. That seduction
can elicit confusion, inertia, and/or anger, among a multitude of responses. The discussion will provide helpful strategies to move people through the
emotion and counteract the draw of far-right messaging. Additionally, the scenarios reveal how antiracist messaging can go awry if it doesn’t consider
the audience’s racial identity status. Participants will explore a nuanced approach for delivering antiracist messages at the right time in someone’s development.

This workshop is in service of creating a larger, healthy collective of White people working in accountability to and solidarity with People of Color.
Christine Saxman, MA, MS, Saxman Consulting, Chicago, IL

Christine will also be co-facilitating with Ismalis Nuñez, Krischanna Roberson, and Nicole Shimizu: Speaking Truth: The Transformational Power of Interracial Relationship Grounded in Identity.

Enterculture – A new workshop by Culture the Change Collective – May 25, 2023

ENTERCULTURE: Protected Time to Co-Create a Healthy Multiracial Future

WHEN: Thursday, May 25, 2023, 10 am – 4 pm (lunch included)

WHERE: WHIM (a unique art space), 1225 Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

CONTEXT: The current frenzy of modern life and the organized opposition to equity work leads many racial and social justice practitioners to burn-out and hopelessness.  

They need time and space to pivot from these problems in order to conceptualize a healthy, multiracial future, activating clarity and hope. Enterculture offers an opportunity to engage this pivot from problem to possibility.

WHAT: Enterculture is an immersive, experiential workshop designed to activate your creativity, passion, and hope. You will interact with your guides, the other participants, and the environment to co-create the racial equity future that we desire. Anchored by your own and the collective’s Northstar (core vision and values), you’ll undertake the experiential journey that will tap into the somatics of your body as well as the brilliance of your heart and your mind and the inventiveness of others.

Your journey guides (the Culture of Change Collective) will take you through the Equity Roadmap© by Anti & Haney (2022), an adaptive tool that provides milestones along the way and navigation tools to recognize when the future requires some imaginative off-roading. 

One other navigation tool is The Four Pivots: Reimagining Justice, Reimagining Ourselves by Shawn Ginwright (2022). The pivots enable you to imagine how to move from problems to possibility, from the transactional to the transformative, and from frenzied work to flow. You’ll learn to foster a culture of change and embrace emergent outcomes.

FOR WHOM: Experienced DEI and racial/social justice practitioners in any field committed to imagining and designing what we want in a healthy racial equity future. 

BY WHOM: The Culture the Change Collective is a multiracial team of passionate, gifted, and seasoned DEI practitioners: Mirah Anti, Corrie Wallace, Rahul Sharma, and Christine Saxman. Their experience spans schools, corporations, not-for-profits, and government entities.



  • Team of 4 (recommended and discounted): $1400
  • Individual: $400
  • Payments can be sent via Zelle to Credit card payments are also accepted with an added 2.9% and .30 transaction fee (email for credit card instructions).
  • This should not be a cost-prohibitive experience:
    • Donations are welcome to support participants with financial need.
    • Email for sliding scale options.

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