Countering the Rise of White Nationalism by Karen Gaffney in Inside Higher Ed

Take a moment to read this important op-ed about the need to pay attention on college campuses which references our work with Western States Center to uplift the Luskin Center’s Scale of Expression to help navigate where our young people are in their relationship to white supremacist ideology.

Learn the Signs of Radicalization and How To Talk to Kids About it

Please take a listen to this Life Kit Podcast I participated in.

“It’s a horror to think your kid could be a victim in a violent act of racism, sexism or other radicalization. It’s a whole different kind of fear to think they could be the perpetrator of that act. Here’s how to read the signs of radicalization and how to talk to kids about what they’re reading.”

To Prevent Racist Extremism, Parents Must Engage Teens, Experts Say

Grateful to be interviewed and get the word out to parents and caregivers. Read here.

“Debating with a young person fact to fact to fact is not going to be the way to go,” said Christine Saxman, a former educator and diversity consultant who co-authored a toolkit for parents on recognizing and preventing radicalization for Western States Center, a nonprofit that provides pro-Democracy resources. “You want to be on that critical thinking journey with them, not fighting them.”

Dr. Angela Ward’s Kitchen Table: White Lady Antiracism

Grateful to be a part of this conversation with this group of antiracists.

Racial Justice Work with Heart, not a Hammer

Christine Saxman: As you both know, I have always struggled with being kind of righteous in my anti-racism work as a white person. I name that as whiteness! The competitiveness that comes up in me…. 

I think about how intentional I have to be, myself, to not allow that righteousness to take over, and to recognise that I was once also early in my journey. There was a time for me, too, when I first realised that racism was really real, not just in an abstract somewhere-else kind of way, but here.”

Peace News

Bearing Witness and Taking Action

I had the opportunity to bear witness to the powerful call to action from Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding and respond as a white person on Colorado Public Radio: “Professor Stephany Rose Spaulding Says that the Capital Violence is What Happens When the Chickens Come Home to Roost.”

Eyes On Whiteness Podcast

I had the powerful experience of reflecting on the work we need to do with Maureen Benson and Shelly Tochluk on the Eyes on Whiteness Podcast.

“In a follow-up to our election episode where we talked about the need to stay vigilant, we invited Christine and Shelly who have been researching the ways White Nationalist and White Supremacist groups have been building in the last few years.

Christine and Shelly share their research and analysis of the ways we must be aware of and counter the rise of White Nationalism going into 2021. The deep overlap of groups with varying identities finding common ground across anti-government, pro-police, free-speech, anti-immigrant, and “rigged election” ideologies is terrifying and all rooted in Anti-Blackness.  This rise of power of these groups is linked through the deep use of technology, propaganda, and organizing in partnership with GOP, Qanon, conservative media, and militias (not entirely excluding law enforcement) across the country. 

Shelly and Christine call white people to action, not just politically but in a deeply personal way….they share how these groups are taking advantage of recruiting people who may have a stated belief they are “not racist”, but are feeling uninvited into communities organizing against racism…and how when we shut people out for not being “woke enough” or struggling in their newly developing consciousness, we’re actually helping create people ripe for recruitment by these White Nationalist groups. If you are a parent or educator- our guests break down how susceptible our young people are, particularly online.  

This episode is for EVERY white person who has any belief in anti-racism- we have work to do, and it means deepening our engagement with other white folks, practicing mindful listening, loving accountability, and collectivism over individualism.  Christine and Shelly offer GREAT tips for how to show up to these necessary conversations when our judgment, righteousness, and demand for someone to be in a different place than they are.

“How Can White People Accelerate Racial Justice? “

I was guest on the Deerfield Public Library podcast working to answer this question.

Coffee with the Founder

Please learn more about The Privilege Institute and the White Privilege Conference.

The Conference has been a very important learning space and community for me to develop my white racial consciousness and to move into action. Please consider giving to The Privilege Institute if you are able.

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