About Christine Saxman


  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coaching
    • Speciality in racial justice and building the consciousness and leadership for white people
  • Professional Development for Educational and Corporate Spaces
    • One day, Two day, Three day Series available. Topics include:
      • Entering Racial Justice (an introduction)
      • Accelerating Antiracist Leadership
      • Developing White Racial Consciousness
      • Building Culturally Relevant Systems and Classrooms
      • Facilitating for Racial Justice
      • Customized Trainings
    • On-going systemic programming for each of the above trainings in addition to:
      • Aligning Institutional Culture with Antiracist Goals
  • White Racial Affinity Space Facilitation
    • Initial Introduction to White Racial Affinity Spaces
    • Sustained Facilitation for Organizational White Racial Affinity Spaces
  • Interracial Facilitation
    • I co-facilitate with women of color, focusing on accountability and solidarity.


Christine Saxman most recently worked as an Equity Transformation Specialist for Courageous Conversations About Race with Pacific Educational Group.

Before Courageous Conversations, Christine was an educator in Township District 113 in Illinois for fifteen years where she was also a racial equity leader. In 2016, she received recognition as an Illinois Golden Apple Finalist and Teacher of Distinction.

She also facilitates S.E.E.D. (Seeking Education Equity and Diversity) as part of the National Staff.

Christine has facilitated for many years at the White Privilege Conference and the National Summit for Courageous Conversations about Race. Workshops have included:

  • Confronting White Nationalism with Shelly Tochluk
  • Loving Accountability with Corrie Wallace and Jamie Utt
  • DiAngelo’s Rules of Engagement with Robin DiAngelo
  • White Racial Identity Development (using the work of Dr. Janet Helms)
  • White Educators Interrupting Migroagressions with Jamie Utt and Shelly Tochluk
  • White Legacies, Ghosts, and Untold Stories
  • Interrupting White Privilege at the White Privilege Conference
  • Inter-racial Dialogue Between Women with Andrea Johnson

She earned a B.A. in English from University of Pittsburgh, a M.A. in English from Northwestern University, and a M.S. in Education from Northwestern University.

She can be found on Twitter @xinest and Facebook.

6 responses to “About Christine Saxman”

  1. Hi, I’m considering signing up for the Witnessing Whiteness class that was recommended to me by a friend. However I’m curious what you do with the money you collect for this workshop. Does any of it go to BIPOC people or causes? Thanks for clarifying.


    • Thank you for your question. I have accountability relationships with BIPOC people in the work that I do and how I do it, often working in co-facilitation/partnership with BIPOC consultants. I also do the white affinity work I do in accountability to those same BIPOC relationships.

      I also have financial accountability in that I donate to organizations I have learned from, like the Privilege Institute and World Trust. I was laid off from Courageous Conversation about Race in the spring due to COVID and have not been able to donate as much as I have in the past; however, I will continue to increase my donations as I am able. I also have been offering workshops where the proceeds go to BIPOC organizations.


      • Thanks for your reply. If you offer any workshops with proceeds donated or if you do any with BIPOC facilitators I would be interested in participating. If you have any references for me for workshops like this, I would love to know about them .

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      • Ismalis Nuñez and I are speaking at this event at the Lake Villa District Library, 4-5pm CT, September 29th.

        Antiracist Teacher
        Equity consultants Ismalis Nunez and Christine Saxman will discuss foundational racial literacy skills. They’ll talk about Black Lives Matter and the latest movements for equality, and how teachers/parents can develop their awareness and support students/children in combating racism.


        I defer to your BIPOC accountability partners for their references for other opportunities.


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